Extra Chapters

The following chapters were part of the book in an earlier draft but were removed during editing for various reasons. They still add to the overall story and are made available to those who have read the book, to enhance the story.

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This chapter I found hardest to trim. It was pivotal to the theme of the whole story. This chapter expounds many of the issues in human genetic research that drove me to write Broken Evolution in the first place, but was a largely conversational piece that was just too long, slowing down the action at a critical point. Ultimately the theme was explored best in the actions of the main characters. A shortened form of this chapter remains in the final edit, and some of the ideas from this chapter were made more concise and peppered throughout the final novel. (Note that in this early draft the character Haruta Shimura was still called Yukio Shimura.)
The dialogue between Olsen and Shimura in this chapter is what Broken Evolution is all about.

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This chapter gives an insight into the character of CIA's deputy director of operations and into the politics of the intelligence community in Washington. In the final edit, Stanford's character became less important, in favour of the major characters. While this chapter holds some interesting details, it wasn't essential to the main plot, so had to go.